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Travel to Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, has become increasingly popular since the country’s ruling Communist party began loosening its grip with the resignation of Fidel Castro in February of 2008. Because of its infamous and sordid history, Cuba could in some ways be considered one of the world’s forgotten tourist spots. Prior to the Revolution and subsequent Communist takeover, led by Castro and his friend, Che Guevara, in 1959, Cuba’s tourism sector was dominated by holidaying and expatriate Americans. The iconic images we know of Cuba - pastel colored Buicks, men playing drums in the street, salsa dancing in steamy nightclubs, waving palm trees and cigar smoking on airy terraces - came from this most successful period in Cuba’s travel life.

Despite the fact that it remains under an American embargo, meaning that it is illegal for American citizens to travel there, Cuba is steadily gaining popularity with tourists from all over Europe and Canada. Restrictions on travelers used to be much tighter in Cuba, but over the past few years, locals have been allowed to interact with travelers to Cuba more regularly, offering the chance for a more authentic experience. Speaking a little Spanish will certainly enhance the possibilities here, too.

Cuba’s iconic images still remain true. It is a land of leafy palms and interior forests. Like any good Caribbean island, there are some amazing Cuban beaches full of places to go scuba diving and sunning. The Cuban nightlife, while heavily regulated, is still a treat for many visitors who come looking for a bit of sensual music and dance. Cigar factories operate around the island, drawing smoking aficionados, and of course there are the staple Cuban cocktails, such as the Cuba Libre, that help cut the incessant tropical heat, many of them made from Cuba’s national rum brand, Havana Club.

Travelers to Cuba will find it is a diverse island. Havana and Trinidad, two of the largest cities, showcase the cosmopolitan side of Cuba, while those seeking beachside relaxation will want to explore the coastal towns and resort areas, such as Varadero and Santiago de Cuba. And, of course, those with a little more than a passing interest in the Cuban Revolution and its ringleader, Che Guevara, will find no shortage of historic sights, monuments and museums dedicated to the 1959 cause.

Though it is warm all year round, the best time of year to travel to Cuba is from January to May, when the weather is slightly cooler and the threat of hurricanes is minimal. Hurricane season typically lasts all summer, between June and November.

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